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Meet Wook

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Derek Yurkiewicz, professionally as RMX(DJ), boasts an impressive background in the music industry. Following his dj debut at Even Furthur presented by Drop Bass Network in 1999, he launched RMX productions and co-created Midwest Productions and UDJSS. Throughout his career, Derek has worked with renowned artists such as Anthrax, Phish, Front 242, Ministry, and Skinny Puppy, and has toured with esteemed acts including Yonder Mountain String Band, Kind Country, and Bodhicitta. In addition to his musical endeavors, Derek has established himself as a skilled photographer, having worked with prominent festivals such as Bonfire, Peoples Fest, and Down on the Farm. Presently, Derek is the proprietor of DeWook Photography, which exudes an organic aesthetic. Derek is a reconized photographer with Nikon and presently works as a commercial photographer for Google.

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