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All About Wook


Derek Yurkiewicz aka RMX first large-scale dj event was at Even Furthur presented by Drop Bass Network in 1999. After that he launched RMX productions and went on to co-create Midwest Productions and UDJSS.

2013 Derek took a break from the rave scene and a year later went on to launch DeWook Photography. Derek has worked with Anthrax, Phish, Front 242, Ministry, and Skinny Puppy. Also keeping in the local Milwaukee and the greater midwest jam and bluegrass scene. Derek has toured with such acts as Yonder Mountain String Band, Kind Country, and Bodhicitta. Adding a resume of festivals, Derek was the lead photographer for Bonfire, Peoples Fest, and Down On The Farm.

Madison based Maximum Ink Magazine picked up Derek in 2020. Becoming a contributing photographer and writer for his own column “DeWook Tour.” Focusing on the perspective of the cameraman, readers dove into the behind the curtain look into various experiences.

Today Derek currently runs DeWook Photography which has an organic reach of over 40,000 people targeted for the music industry. Derek is a lighting tech for his clients and still writes for Maximum Ink Magazine. Derek is an award winning, Nikon recognized, and Google certified photographer.

In 2022 Derek released hi first RMX mix titled “Return From the Wookness.”


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